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about transforming the mindset

from Peter Mackie

CEO Prism Performance Ltd

The heart of everything we do is CAPEX/OPEX/TOTEX, the integration of finance, energy and carbon performance numbers, reducing risk , a paradigm shift necessary to transform the wasteful business-as-usual mindset.

In every case business-as-usual management, leadership, design, operational performance and human endeavour has no place amongst high performing achievers. 

Business is a performance sport

We have learned greatly from recent winners whose support teams reduce wastes and identify performance opportunities to maximise their business goals – in their case wining GOLDs

Hard nosed business decisions relate to money, so do energy, fuels and water consumption, environmental and social responsibility. Hard nosed decisions require the right tools, the right data to be in the hands of the right people equipped with the skills to out-perform their competition. The cost to achieve must always be less than sustaining the rewards from repeating successes.

COT imageOne of our challenges was to make SUSTAINABILITY a SUSTAINABLE CAPEX PROFIT CENTER where whole life profits and ROIs are maximised throughout each whole life OPEX. Because if they aren’t then how unsustainable is our TOTEX?


To assure your mindset paradigm shift, the oodles way radically transforms:  

a) the CAPEX business case away from a supplier lead process to a business driven, real time management asset

b) the way all levels of staff use and reuse tested model-line processes and CAPEX/OPEX templates, allowing TOTEX to take care of itself, year on year

c) the way businesses market and sell their products and services using the same calculation techniques

d) the way the business becomes self sufficient in sustaining integrated performance

e) business attitudes towards investing in people and new skills.

It is that simple and clear, its successes, as one client stated, “… are infectious…..”, we say “… quick…”.

We are world model-line innovators and leaders, recognised and accredited by growing numbers of industry service providers and non-political organisations. Our ideas are used by businesses from around the world, global corporations to SMEs, irrespective of sectors and location.

So please contact us to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.

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